Collection sites 

A municipal collection site is generally what citizens refer to as recycling centres or civic amenity sites. From here producers and importers or their collective schemes collect waste portable batteries and WEEE distributed on fractions. In addition to municipal collection sites a local authority may need to establish other sites from where producers/importers only collect portable batteries. This must be agreed specifically with the producers/the collective schemes.

Establishment of collection site for portable batteries

The local authority must register their collection sites with, among other things, contact information and number and type of collection equipment. This is done on the website of DPA-System. Registration of a collection site is a precondition for having waste portable batteries collected by producers/importers or their collective schemes.

Information entered on the DPA-System website is used by producers and their operators for practical planning of collection of waste batteries from the collection sites.

Change in collection site for portable batteries

The local authority can change at any time registered data concerning a collection site. This is done on the website of DPA-System and is followed by a notification mail to all concerned parties. Note that changes in contact information enter into force immediately, while all other changes have a notice of one month.

Requirements for collection sites

The local authority must make sure to lay out collection sites in a way that collection vehicles have acceptable access conditions on the site. In addition, the local authority must secure waste batteries against theft.

Producers and importers must collect waste batteries and accumulators when the local authority has collected at least 1,000 kilograms.

Last edited: 30/04/2020

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