Other players

In addition to producers and importers and authorities a large number of other players have roles to play under the producer responsibility scheme.

Collective producer schemes: Producers and importers may choose to transfer some of the tasks under the producer responsibility to a so-called collective scheme or they may assume duties individually (individual compliers). See collective schemes  for batteries in Denmark on next page.


By contrast to producers and importers selling electrical equipment to private users producers and importers of batteries and accumulators MUST NOT submit an auditor’s attestation in connection with their annual reporting.

Recycling industries:

When batteries and accumulators become waste they must be collected and treated in view of minimising adverse effects on the environment. This task must be assumed by environmentally approved hauliers and recycling industries.

Dealers and distributors:

Dealers and distributors of batteries and accumulators are not necessarily subject to producer responsibility, but they may have some duties in connection with sale and take-back.


Users – private as well as professional – can use their purchasing power to ensure that the purpose of producer responsibility is attained.

Battery registers in the EU:

Legislation on batteries and accumulators has been implemented all over the EU, and sister producer responsibility registers exist in all EU Member States. Efforts are ongoing to establish a European network among these registers.

On these pages you can find detailed information and links to these players.

Last edited: 12/01/2011
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