All producers and importers putting batteries and accumulators onto the Danish market must register with DPA-System. All producers and importers specifically putting portable batteries onto the Danish market must furthermore register with the Danish Business Authority.

When to register a business in Denmark

  1. Businesses importing and marketing batteries and accumulators in Denmark.
  2. Businesses producing and marketing equipment in Denmark.
Please note that it not possible to register foreign VAT No.s in the Danish producer register.

Companies importing batteries and accumulators for own use are only subject to product responsibility and do not have the registration obligation. Thus, the company owns the products and has the responsibility and costs for separate management of the products.

Last edited: 16/10/2013

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Legal unit in Denmark importing a product into Denmark. 

Placing on the market: Supplying or making available, whether in return for payment or free of charge, to a third party.

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