Collective/individual collection of allocated quantities

Assuming collection and treatment of waste portable batteries (and WEEE in some cases) from several places in Denmark, including establishment of take-back systems, is a very challenging task in terms of administration, logistics and communication.

Therefore, DPA-System recommends producers and importers selling portable batteries and accumulators to join a collective scheme. A collective scheme takes over for producers and importers most of their duties under the producer responsibility scheme.

Allocation of waste portable batteries to individual compliers

Producers and importers selling portable batteries and accumulators may be so-called individual compliers, i.e. they assume the task of taking back and treating waste batteries themselves.

Similarly to collective schemes where waste portable batteries are allocated on behalf of their members, individual compliers will also have a certain quantity allocated to them based on their market share.

Individual compliers with small market share

Some individual compliers may have such a small market share that they cannot be obliged to collect waste portable batteries from the local authorities. But they can be allocated a certain quantity of waste portable batteries, which they are responsible to collect.

Every year in connection with the allocation each individual complier will be informed whether the quantities reported in the previous year mean duty to collect from municipal collection sites or duty to be in charge of own collection.

Last edited: 15/02/2019
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