Reporting of quantities

In connection with the annual reporting in the DPA-System register producers and importers must report quantities in kilos of products put on the market, taken back, and treated during the previous calendar year.

Producers and importers putting portable batteries onto the market must also report those quantities to SKAT (Danish Tax and Customs Administration).

Quantities put on the market

For the categories under which the producer or the importer has previously registered he must report how many products have been put on the market in the previous calendar year. Quantities put on the market must be distributed on type of product and chemical substance group.

Transfer of responsibility for industrial and automotive batteries

Producers and importers putting industrial and automotive batteries and accumulators onto the market can enter an agreement with a subsequent level in the distribution chain to transfer its take-back duty. In the context of reporting this is called quantities subject to transfer of responsibility.

Quantities taken back

For previously registered types of batteries the producer or the importer must report quantities taken back as waste batteries and accumulators in the previous calendar year. 

Quantities taken back must be registered per type and do as such not necessarily represent take-back of the company’s own batteries.

In the reporting of quantities taken back the producer/the importer must state how large a proportion of batteries is taken back from the following sources:

  • Municipal collection sites (portable batteries and accumulators)
  • Collective scheme collection sites (industrial and automotive batteries and accumulators)
  • Own collection (industrial and automotive batteries and accumulators)

Quantities treated

For previously registered types of batteries the producer or the importer must report:

  • Where batteries and accumulators have been treated (treatment facility)
  • Quantity of waste batteries and accumulators broken down on chemical substance groups
  • Share of total quantity recycled in the facility broken down on chemical substance groups
  • Recycling rate for treatment facility

The Environmental Protection Agency will report this recycling rate to the EU.

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Further information:

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Guide for reporting to SKAT

Put on the market:
Supplying or making available, whether in return for payment or free of charge,
to a third party. Includes leasing.

Definition of weight in connection with registration of quantities put on the market: 

The weight is always stated in entire kilos, as the weight of the entire product (finished article) in the form it is sold to the purchaser, but excluding the weight of sales packaging, instructions and manuals.

If the battery is incorporated into an appliance only the weight of the battery is stated. For batteries containing liquids (electrolyte) the weight is stated including liquid.

Transfer of take-back duty for WEEE and BAT

Registration in DPA-System register

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