Producers/importers with producer responsibility for batteries and accumulators put onto the Danish market have a number of statutory duties to comply with. These duties fall within marking, registration, take-back, management, information, and financing.    

Duties under producer responsibility:

  • Marking – marking of products with a crossed-out wheeled bin.
  • Registration – registration in the DPA-System producer register with information among others on product type etc. Producers and importers of portable batteries and accumulators must also register with the Danish Business Authority.
  • Take-back – take-back of waste portable batteries and accumulators  from municipal recycling centres according to directions from DPA-System (allocation scheme).
  • Take-back – take-back of waste automotive and industrial batteries and accumulators from customers or contracting with purchaser about transfer of producer responsibility.
  • Management – ensure that collected waste batteries and accumulators are managed separately by an approved reprocessor.
  • Information – information to reprocessors about correct recycling and treatment of waste products.
  • Information – organize public information campaigns on the collection, treatment and recycling of all waste portable batteries and accumulators.
  • Financing – payment of costs of transport and management of waste batteries and accumulators.
  • Information – reporting of quantities to DPA-System on products put on the market and collected waste batteries and accumulators.

These duties may be assumed by the producer or the importer himself (individual compliers) or the producer/the importer may choose to have a collective scheme (producer scheme) carry out these tasks on his behalf.

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