The producer responsibility has certain implications, both in the form of costs and revenues.

  • There is a fee to be paid to DPA-System.
  • If member of a collective scheme  this will also entail some costs.
  • Labeling of batteries and information for end-users

Duty of payment to The Danish Tax Agency  - portable batteries only!

Producers/importers of portable batteries are subject to a duty of payment to The Danish Tax Agency. This payment obligation must cover the local authorities’ costs in connection with the collection of waste batteries from their citizens. Payment for quantities of portable batteries placed on the market is regulated annually and must be paid to The Danish Tax Agency no later than 15 February the following year. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency publishes the annual rate on their website.

All producers/importers having placed portable batteries on the market the preceding year must submit information on quantities of portable batteries (in kilograms) placed on the market in the previous calendar year. This must be done to Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Agency) in the period from 1 January to 15 February.

 Other costs

According to the producer responsibility scheme producers and importers must mark their equipment and inform users and reprocessors of equipment about correct management of waste batteries and accumulators. In addition, the producer responsibility entails a duty to pick up waste batteries and accumulators and secure their environmentally correct reprocessing.

Producers/importers of portable batteries and accumulators furthermore have a duty to conduct public awareness campaigns. The magnitude and frequency depends on the quantities of batteries placed on the market.

The duties under the producer responsibility scheme thereby entail various administrative tasks and costs.

Costs relating to marking

There is a statutory requirement for marking of batteries and accumulators. Associated costs depend on the solution chosen in practice.

Costs relating to design of readily removable batteries and accumulators

There is a statutory requirement that appliances using batteries or accumulators must be designed in such a way that these can be readily removed from appliances. Eco-design of appliances in compliance with the law may entail costs.

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