Fees to DPA-System

Rates of the fees to DPA-System are approved by the DPA-System Board and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The fee rates are published on the DPA-System website.

All producers and importers registered in the producer register must pay fees to DPA-System. These fees cover the financing of the operation of DPA-System. Fees are a registration fee, an annual fee, and an administration and case-handling fee for extraordinary services, if relevant.

Registration fee

Registration in the producer register triggers a registration fee. The registration is linked to the producer’s/importer’s CVR/VAT number, and if this number changes, it triggers a new registration fee. DPA-System levies registration fees for the statutory areas of WEEE, BAT and ELV. Registration under the first statutory area amounts to DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, while any subsequent registrations cost DKK 500 excl. VAT per area. If a producer/importer has been deleted from the producer register due to non-performance, DPA-System will levy a new registration fee for a renewed registration of the company.

Annual fee

The major part of DPA-System’s revenues derive from annual fees for WEEE, BAT and ELV. The fees are calculated from producers’/importers’ quantities placed on the market - and for ELV from the number of vehicles placed on the market as reported to DPA-System in the reporting period (1 January to 31 March).

Minimum fee

If the calculated annual fee does not exceed DKK 250 (per statutory area) a minimum fee of DKK 250 will be levied from the producer/importer. A reporting of 0 kg thus also releases a minimum fee.

Specific for first year’s quantities placed on the market

Producers/importers will not pay an annual fee the first year, since there are no reported quantities placed on the market in the previous year. DPA-System does not calculate annual fees based on budgeted quantities, since these are merely an estimate of expected sales.

Therefore, the first year’s quantities placed on the market are used as the calculation basis for the first and second years with the fee rate for year 1 and 2, respectively. Thereby, double annual fees are not paid, and the first year’s annual fee is deferred.

Last edited: 28/10/2019
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