Other costs

Producers and importers subject to producer responsibility have in addition to costs for fees and payment to Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Agency) certain administrative tasks and ensuing costs in connection with management of batteries and accumulators.

These other costs are:

  • Marking of products
  • Information for users and reprocessors and public information campaigns
  • Collection and reprocessing of waste batteries and accumulators
Duties relating to public information campaigns:
  1. For quantities not exceeding 1000 kg of portable batteries/accumulators: Production of A4 information pamphlet for distributors
  2. For quantities between 1,000 and 10,000 kg of portable batteries/accumulators: Same as number 1 and annual A3 advertisement in national newspaper.
  3. For quantities exceeding 10,000 kg of portable batteries/accumulators: Same as numbers 1 and 2. Furthermore, annual half-page advertisement in national newspaper.

In concrete cases, the Environmental Protection Agency may decide that the intended information value may be achieved in other ways.

Collective schemes

Duties relating to public information campaigns and to collection and processing of waste batteries and accumulators can be assumed by a collective scheme against payment. For information on fees etc. please contact the different collective schemes.

Last edited: 28/10/2019

Further information:

Marking of products (BAT)

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