Producer schemes

A producer scheme means the way in which producers/importers can organize their duties associated with producer responsibility.

Producers and importers may choose to transfer the major part of the tasks under the producer responsibility scheme to a so-called collective scheme or they may assume duties individually (individual compliers).

Collective scheme

A collective scheme assumes the major part of tasks associated with the producer responsibility on behalf of the producers. In this way, the burden on producers from administration, communication, and logistics regarding producer responsibility is reduced.

Collective schemes are commercial enterprises working on a competitive market. The schemes are organized differently and have different focus on types of businesses and types of products.

Producers and importers must note that certain requirements must always be fulfilled individually regardless of membership of a collective scheme. These requirements are:

  • Marking of products and 
  • Information for end-users on correct disposal of products.

Individual compliers

Producers and importers may choose to carry out themselves tasks under the producer responsibility scheme and are in this case referred to as individual compliers.

Individual compliers are subject to the same duties as collective schemes. Duties associated with take-back of portable batteries and accumulators are financially and administratively comprehensive and DPA-System therefore recommends producers and importers selling portable batteries and accumulators to join a collective scheme. You are welcome to contact DPA-System for further guidance.

Collective and individual scheme

A producer may be a member of a collective scheme and also be an individual complier if he deals in both portable and industrial/automotive batteries. 

It is also possible to be a member of several collective schemes – distributed on the different types of batteries and accumulators (portable, automotive, industrial).

Last edited: 15/02/2019
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