Individual schemes

Producers and importers may choose to assume their producer responsibility individually. This primarily entails the following duties for the company:

  • Direct registration with DPA-System.
  • Annual reporting of quantities directly to DPA-System.

Requirements for  compliers are identical to those of collective schemes. However, due to their volume collective schemes have certain possibilities for special administrative terms such as take-back logistics and data transfer.

Note that individual compliers must establish systems for take-back of waste batteries and accumulators at equal terms with collective schemes.

Establishment of take-back systems is an extensive task in terms of administration, logistics and communication. Therefore, DPA-System recommends producers and importers selling portable batteries and accumulators to join a collective scheme.

Shift between producer schemes

Producers and importers may shift between schemes: from one collective scheme to another, and from individual complier to a collective scheme or vice versa. Shift between schemes has implications for both producer and involved schemes. For example, there are different implications relating to responsibility and economy depending on the time of year of the shift.

Last edited: 15/02/2019
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