Registration in collective scheme

A collective scheme offers to producers and importers to carry out most duties in connection with producer responsibility. In this way, the burden on producers and importers associated with administration, communication, and logistics is reduced.

Collective schemes are commercial enterprises working on a competitive market. The schemes are organized differently and have different focus on types of businesses and types of batteries and accumulators.

Note! If you are a member of a collective scheme this scheme will assume registration in the DPA-System register.

Collective or individual

Producers and importers selling portable batteries and accumulators have normally an interest in joining a collective scheme since the producer responsibility scheme for these products entails extensive tasks in terms of administration and logistics, for example in connection with collection of allocated waste portable batteries and accumulators.

Under the producer responsibility scheme for industrial and automotive batteries and accumulators the producer or the importer is free to solve tasks under the producer responsibility individually. The company can thus assume management (including transfer of responsibility) of waste products according to current rules and register in the DPA-System producer register without making use of a collective scheme.

Last edited: 07/11/2012
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