Registration of producer and importer

Registration of producers, importers and products covered by producer responsibility is done in the DPA-System registration system on the DPA-System website.

Note that producers and importers of portable batteries must also register with Skattestyrelsen (The Danish Tax Agency) through The Danish Business Authority.

You may find it expedient to have all relevant information at hand before starting registration. 

In connection with the registration with DPA-System you will need:

  • Master data
  • Product categories
  • Brands
  • Quantities put on the market
  • Information for reprocessors

In the column on the right-hand side you can find a document with details on registration of producer/importer.

Producers and importers planning to put products covered by producer responsibility onto the market must state budget figures for current year in connection with the registration.

Last edited: 28/10/2019
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