Who is subject to producer responsibility?

All producers and importers placing batteries and accumulators on the Danish market as the first level in the distribution chain are subject to producer responsibility for these products.

Producer responsibility applies to all types of batteries and accumulators with the exception of batteries and accumulators used in:

  • equipment connected with the protection of Denmark’s essential security interests, arms, munitions and war material, with the exclusion of products that are not intended for specifically military purposes;
  • equipment designed to be sent into space.

All levels carry responsibility

The legal unit subject to producer responsibility always has a Danish CVR number (Central Business Register number). Producers/importers must therefore make sure that a business in Denmark has assumed producer responsibility for the product in question.

If a business buys equipment covered by producer responsibility from a business not having assumed this responsibility it is in conflict with the law.

Last edited: 26/05/2021
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