All batteries put on the market for the first time within the EU after 26 September 2008 are covered by the rules on producer responsibility for batteries.

Batteries "supplied or made available" to customers before 26 September 2008 are regarded as put on the market before entry into force of producer responsibility and they are thereby not covered by the new rules.

In the provisions a distinction is made between portable batteries, industrial batteries and automotive batteries.

In section 3 of the Battery Order batteries and accumulators are defined as:

"Any source of electrical or electronic energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and consisting of one or more primary battery cells (non-rechargeable) or consisting of one or more secondary battery cells (rechargeable)."

As a general rule, all batteries and accumulators are covered by producer responsibility, however with some exemptions. Furthermore, there are rules deciding how to categorize different batteries in connection with registration, and marking of batteries is also subject to specific rules. You can read more about these issues on the following pages.

Last edited: 04/03/2010
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