Once a year in the period from 1 January to 31 March the importer or his collective scheme must report the quantity of electrical equipment, batteries, and the number of vehicles sold on the Danish market in the preceding year.

What should be reported?

Only vehicles licensed in Denmark must be registered in the importer register and only for the calendar year in which the vehicle is licensed in Denmark for the first time.

The number of imported and sold vehicles is reported for a calendar year. This means that the number to be registered in a calendar year refers to the vehicles imported and sold in a calendar year. The figure to be stated is the number of vehicles. License plate number or other information about the vehicle should not be reported.

Remember that there is also producer responsibility for electrical equipment and batteries; this means, among others, that batteries imported together with the vehicle should also be reported.

Last edited: 04/10/2013

Further information:

Guideline for registration  and reporting 

Vehicles are reported in number of units.

Batteries and electrical equipment are reported in kilograms.

Read more about registration  and reporting of batteries

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