All registered producers and importers pay an annual statutory fee for the administration of DPA-System. The fee rates for the DPA-System administrative tasks are fixed by the Minister for the Environment every year. The fee rates are based on the number of imported and sold passenger cars and light trucks as reported annually to DPA-System.

Registration fee

A registration in the producer and importer register triggers a one-off fee of DKK 1,000.-. DPA-System invoices the fee for registration immediately after approval of the registration. If the importer is already registered in one of the other producer responsibility fields - WEEE or batteries - the registration fee is only DKK 500.-.

Quantity-based fees

The annual fee to DPA-System paid by the company is calculated as a fee rate per vehicle multiplied by the number of the importer’s passenger cars and light trucks imported and sold in the preceding calendar year. The rate per imported vehicle is fixed every year by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. As a minimum an annual fee of DKK 250.- is levied.

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Further information:

Fees 2018:

Fees ELV Per unit (DKK)

Per vehicle


Minimum fee
if < 137 units 250 DKK

Also read the document “Fees to DPA-System (ELV)"

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