Producer schemes (collective schemes)

Producer schemes means the way in which producers/importers may organise their producer responsibility duties.

Producers and importers may choose to transfer some of the tasks under the producer responsibility to a so-called collective scheme or they may assume the duties themselves as individual compliers.

Collective scheme

A collective scheme offers to individual importers the service of carrying out part of the tasks in connection with the producer responsibility.

The collective scheme can register its members in the importer register. All it takes is that there is documentation from the importer that he has transferred the task of registration and reporting to a collective scheme. In any case the importer must sign a confirmation of the registration.

The collective schemes are commercial businesses operating on a competitive market. The schemes are organised in different ways and have different focus on types of businesses and product categories.

Individual compliers

A producer or an importer may choose to assume the tasks under the producer responsibility himself - this is called individual compliers. This option is mostly used by producers of electrical equipment for professional use.

Both collective scheme and individual complier

A producer may cooperate with a collective scheme and still be an individual complier depending on the products for which he holds producer responsibility.

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