When an importer has seen that he is required to register, he must make his registration on the DPA-System website.

The registration is made by stating master data, which product categories are imported, and the quantity or number of imported products.

When a registration has been made a confirmation must be printed, signed, and submitted to DPA-System before the registration can be approved. The confirmation is printed from the registration system.

The producer and the importer can choose to have a collective scheme assume the duties of registration and reporting. In this case, the collective scheme makes all registration and updating of data.

Once a year (from 1 January to 31 March) the importer or his collective scheme must inform about the quantity or the number of imported products; this is referred to as Annual reporting.

Remember that there is also producer/importer responsibility for electrical equipment and batteries!

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Further information:

Register here

Proceed as follows:

  • Select LOGIN and choose Register producer or importer
  • State CVR number and fill in contact information
  • Choose the relevant categories and state the number of vehicles sold in 2012
  • Select Save and print, sign it, and submit the Confirmation to DPA-System

Guideline for registration  and reporting 

See collective schemes

Read about Annual reporting

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