Producer responsibility in relation to the duty of registration and reporting in the importer register applies to businesses importing and selling new or second-hand passenger cars and light trucks in Denmark.

It is not decisive whether you sell on the car to another professional buyer/dealer - or whether you sell the car directly to the end user. It is also not decisive whether you import new or second-hand vehicles.

If you bring a passenger car or a light truck across the Danish border in view of selling it in Denmark you carry the producer responsibility according to the Order and must register in the producer and importer register in DPA-System.

Importer of new vehicles

Normally, for import and sale of new vehicles it will be the original importer who has the duty of registration and reporting. This means that it would be, for instance, Mazda Motor Danmark who should register. If a vehicle dealer imports new vehicles directly from abroad without going through the Danish original importer, this vehicle dealer must register as the importer.

Importer of second-hand vehicles

If a dealer imports second-hand vehicles from abroad for sale in Denmark this person must register in the importer register.

Import of vehicles for lease or rental

If a business imports vehicles for lease or rental in Denmark the business must register in the importer register and report the number of imported vehicles leased or rented in Denmark.

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Definition in the ELV Order:

Producers and importers: Any person who manufactures passenger cars or light trucks in Denmark or who imports passenger cars or light trucks on a commercial basis into Denmark.

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