In addition to producers, importers, and authorities a large number of other players are involved in the producer responsibility with various roles. Read more about the different players below.

Vehicle dismantlers and waste treatment facilities

When passenger cars and light trucks are at the end-of-life stage they must be collected and subjected to environmental treatment in view of minimising their impact on the environment and of ensuring recycling of the material resources. This task is assumed by approved vehicle dismantlers and recyclers.

Vehicle dismantlers

Waste treatment facilities

Dealers and distributors

Dealers and distributors of vehicles do not necessarily have a producer/importer responsibility, but they may have some duties in relation to sale and take-back.

Collective schemes

Collective schemes are businesses offering a service of assuming some of the tasks associated with producer responsibility on behalf of the importer.




Users, both private persons and businesses, contribute with their handling of end-of-life vehicles to making sure that the purpose of producer responsibility is attained. A so-called car scrapping premium is paid to the last owner of the vehicle.

FAQ about car scrapping premium

ELV Recycling Scheme

Organisation responsible for payment of the car scrapping premium.

ELV Recycling Scheme


Responsible for legislation, including licensing of vehicles.

Danish Environm ental Protection Agency

The Danish Tax Agency


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