Producer responsibility

The Directive on end-of-life vehicles (the ELV Directive) establishes common EU rules on the management of end-of-life vehicles. The rules take offset in environmental considerations and aim to limit the quantity of scrap cars for disposal. On the one hand, the objective is to invite producers to produce environmentally benign vehicles and on the other hand to increase recycling, recovery, and other forms of utilisation of the cars and the associated waste.

Despite the term, producer responsibility applies to both producers and importers

Producer responsibility has authority in the Danish Environmental Protection Act as reflected in the Statutory order on management of waste in the form of motor vehicles and derived waste fractions - the so-called ELV Order. Legislation applies to all producers and importers placing passenger cars and light trucks on the Danish market. The producer responsibility also applies to producers in other EU Member States that sell directly to households in Denmark through distance selling or on the internet.

Producers and importers are under the obligation to find out themselves whether they are covered by producer responsibility. DPA-System will guide and make the final decision whether a producer or an importer is covered by the rules on producer responsibility.

Last edited: 04/10/2013
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