DPA-System is an independent non-profit organization establishedin pursuance of the Danish Environmental Protection Act with the purpose of administering the rules on producer responsibility for the product groups: electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, and end-of-life vehicles.

The purpose of DPA-system is to operate national producer registers as well as to design and administer a simple and non-distortive producer responsibility scheme forthe affected players in the market.

DPA-System is authorized to decide whether a producer or an importer of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and/or automobiles is covered by producer responsibility. 

In these fields, the duties of DPA-System are:

  • Design and operation of statutory, central producer registers.
  • Receipt of statutory registrations from all affected producers and importers.
  • Registration of collective producer schemes.
  • Receipt and registration of information from local authorities regarding municipal collection sites 
  • Calculation and levy of statutory fees.
  • Assignment of WEEE and end-of-life batteries between registered producers and importers.
  • Receipt of reports on volumes from producers and importers.
  • Information services for all affected players.

The activities of DPA-System are financed by fees levied from producers and importers.

Read more about previous activities of the secretariat in annual reports (Danish only) and statistics. 

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