Emergency pick-up

Emergency pick-up (used to be called remedial action) can be launched if WEEE has not been picked up as agreed. Emergency pick-up is described in Annex 9 to the WEEE Order.

Non pick-up

If the producer or the importer or his collective scheme does not pick up WEEE pursuant to the stipulated deadline the local council shall inform the producer or the importer accordingly by fax or e-mail. Now the responsible producer/scheme has four hours to effectuate pick-up.

Emergency pick-up by third party

If the producer/the collective scheme has not picked up waste within these four hours the local council or the collection site staff can organize emergency pick-up through a third party. The local council shall inform DPA-System about this non pick-up by e-mail.

Costs relating to emergency pick-up

The local council can choose to request from the producer/the collective scheme to cover documented costs in connection with the emergency pick-up.

If the producer/the collective scheme does not pay within the time for payment set up by the local council the latter can apply to DPA-System for coverage of costs in the guarantee provided by the producer/the collective scheme.

Last edited: 22/05/2019
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