Incorrect sorting of WEEE

It is the responsibility of the local authority that WEEE from consumers is sorted correctly at the collection sites. Sorting requirements are found in Annex 9 to the WEEE Order.

Sorting requirements

In the WEEE delivered by local authorities to the producers/importers the requirements are:

  • No more than 5 % by weight of non-electronic waste
  • No more than 5 % of WEEE from another fraction

Failure to comply with sorting requirements

If the local authority does not comply with these sorting requirements the producer/his collective scheme can choose to return equipment for sorting with the local authority. The producer/his collective scheme can also choose to request coverage of documented costs for sorting from the local authority.

It is up to the local authority to decide whether to assume sorting of WEEE itself or to cover related costs.

Last edited: 22/05/2019
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