Municipal duties 

Local authorities have a number of tasks and duties in connection with producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment. For example, local authorities must establish and pay all costs for establishment and operation of municipal collection sites. Also, local authorities are responsible for having WEEE separated into the correct fractions.

Sorting of WEEE

New WEEE fractions as per 1. sept 2018

Fraction Dimension/specification Collection equipment
1.a Large equipment More than 50 cm
(White goods)
Large container
1.b Medium equipment More than 50 cm
(other than white goods)

2. Temperature exchange equipment

Contains cooling agents Large container

3. Small equipment

Less or equal 50 cm


4. Screens and monitors

More than 100 cm2


5. Lamps

Barrels and boxes

6. Photovoltaic panels


7. Portable batteries


Collection sites and collection equipment 

Local authorities must make sure that reporting on establishment or discontinuation of a collection site as well as ordering of collection material are made in due time (i.e. one month before desired delivery from the producers) through DPA-System.

The local authority is also responsible for making sure that all contact information is updated, since it is the only possibility for DPA-System and producers/collective schemes to contact the local authority with relevant information.

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