Municipal reporting

Local authorities must register information about collection sites with DPA-System. With a certain notice the local authority can establish and close down collection sites and it is possible to order and cancel collection equipment. The notice is in all events one month. The local authority must maintain and update all information about its collection sites. The following information must be entered:

  • Contact information of staff responsible for administration and operation
  • Address of collection site from where WEEE is to be collected
  • Number and type of collection equipment
  • Hours of collection and special issues

Collected quantities per collection site

Producers/the collective schemes must supply information annually to DPA-System about how many kilograms per fraction of WEEE from households have been collected from each collection site in the calendar year.

Producers/the collective schemes must at the request of the local authorities and without charge inform about quantities collected per collection site and per month. The local authority can request this information once a month.

Special agreements

The local authority and the producer or his collective scheme can enter special agreements for a specific collection site. Producers/the collective schemes must ensure that such agreements are visible (file upload) with DPA-System for each collection site. Agreements become void if they are in conflict with the allocation scheme.

Last edited: 04/07/2014

Further information:

Municipal collection schemes

The municipality is free to choose which kind of collection schemes they will offer their citizens. This could be schemes for bulky waste and hazardous waste.

No matter the choise of collection scheme WEEE must be delivered and sorted at a collection site where the producers/collective schemes can pick it up.

WEEE and waste batteries belong to the producers. Through environmental treatment and recycling they benefit from selling the secondary materials.

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