Private users

It is not legal to place electrical equipment on the market for which nobody has assumed producer responsibility.

Private users can check whether producers/importers have assumed the statutory producer responsibility for a given electrical product. You can look for the statutory symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin, and you can search for brand or company name in the national producer register in the search field in the upper right-hand corner.

How can private users reduce WEEE arisings?

Consumers may reduce WEEE arisings by:

  • Buying less products
  • Buying products with a longer useful life, i.e. products that may be upgraded and repaired
  • Replacing operational equipment less frequently.

Consumers may also choose to buy eco-friendly products, for instance products without brominated flame retardants.

How can private users discard waste electrical products?

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency mentions on their website various options for private consumers discarding electrical equipment. You may for instance:

  • Deliver it to a municipal scheme such as a recycling centre
  • Take it back to the distributor, if he will receive it
  • Donate it to charity in order to have it directly reused
  • Dispose of it through the internet, for instance on
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