Legislation in Denmark

In Denmark, the WEEE Directive was implemented with an amendment to the Danish Environmental Protection Act and the WEEE Statutory Order with subsequent amendments. For the purpose of administration of the rules and handling of the national producer register the organisation DPA-System was established in 2005 in pursuance of the Environmental Protection Act.

Three-step implementation

Implementation took place in several steps. First step – rules on marking – was implemented in August 2005.

31 December 2005 the second step was implemented with a deadline of companies’ registration in the producer register of DPA-System. Third step was the implementation of the requirement that producers no later than 31 March 2007 were to report for the first time quantities placed on the market, taken back, and treated in the previous calendar year.

In practice, the implementation of the producer responsibility scheme has led to a significant centralisation of the entire WEEE cycle in Denmark. Before this, 273 local authorities (98 authorities after a local government reform) were responsible for all stages of collection and treatment of WEEE from households in their territory.

Today, local authorities are responsible for collection of WEEE from their citizens (households) and separation into five fractions. The task of making collection equipment available and treatment of WEEE at national level has been assumed by producers since 2006.   

The Statutory Order has been amended most recently in February 2018; it is generally referred to as the WEEE Order.

Last edited: 12/06/2019
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