Two factors decide whether or not a business is subject to producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment.

First level of distribution chain

The first factor deals with the distribution chain. In Denmark, the first level of the distribution chain is generally subject to producer responsibility for equipment placed on the Danish market. A foreign business not holding a Danish CVR number is also covered if it deals in distance sale directly to end-users in private households or businesses in Denmark. In certain conditions this business must designate a so-called authorised representative (AR) in Denmark who will assume registering and reporting.

Equipment dependent on electric currents

The second factor concerns the type of equipment. If the equipment is electrical or electronic equipment - is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields – it is generally covered.

Producer or Importer

If they are the first level of the distribution chain of products dependent on electric currents producers and importers have the same duties in terms of registration and reporting to the national register.

Last edited: 27/11/2014
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