Annual reporting

Annual reporting takes place from 1 January – 31 March

Every year in this period producers and importers must report quantities of kilograms placed on the market, taken back, and treated during the previous calendar year. Collective schemes usually report to DPA-System on behalf of their members.

Note! Non-reporting means that the producer/the importer is deleted from the register.

Purpose of annual reporting

It is important that reporting is correct since the general purpose is to enable the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the EU Commission to map the WEEE streams in view of optimising recovery of the recyclable resources contained in this WEEE. Another purpose is to monitor these resource flows to avoid illegal waste shipments and inappropriate disposal methods, including loss of valuable resources.

EU environmental targets

Also, reported quantities are used to document whether Denmark achieves EU targets for collection and resource recovery of WEEE. According to an EU target, Denmark and the other European countries must as a minimum collect 45% of all WEEE by 2016 of which 50-80% must be managed in a way that it can be sold as new raw materials.

Last edited: 30/04/2020

Further information:

Definition of weight in connection with registration of quantities placed on the market:

The weight is always stated in kilograms as the weight of the entire product (the finished article) in the form it is sold to the user, including electronic accessories, but excluding batteries and accumulators, packaging, instructions for use and manuals.

The weight is stated in the exact number of whole kilograms of product placed on the market per category and type of end-user.

What is the reported data used for?

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