Purpose of reporting to DPA-System

The producer responsibility legislation is an EU-based environmental legislation giving producers and importers of electronic equipment, batteries, and vehicles the responsibility for the financing and handling of products at their end-of-life. The rules are motivated by environmental considerations and by the desire to optimise resource recovery of materials and substances contained in these products.

Priority resource flows

The EU Commission has designated end-of-life electrical equipment (WEEE), waste batteries (BAT), and vehicles (ELV) as being specially priority waste streams. As a consequence, three EU directives have been adopted regulating and optimising the utilisation of substance and material resources contained in this type of products and equipment.

DPA-System collects data

DPA-System has been set up to establish systems supporting the monitoring of the targets set up in the directives and associated national law, giving at the same time producers the best opportunities for contributing actively to the attainment of those targets in their commercial activities.

Report to the EU Commission

In order to measure the efficiency of legislation all importers and producers must report how large quantities of equipment they place on the market in Denmark, how much has been taken back or collected, and where and how products are subjected to environmental treatment in view of reuse, recycling, and recovery. The result of these reports is submitted every year to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the EU Commission.


Last edited: 22/05/2019
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