Re-exported quantities

It is possible for a registered producer or importer to report so-called re-export as a subset of quantities placed on the market in kilograms in view of getting a refund.

A refund for re-export means that a given quantity of electrical equipment sold by a producer on the Danish market and reported to the producer register in Denmark is subsequently in the same year sold for export by a subsequent level in the supply chain. Re-export can as a maximum be reported two years back, i.e. for the current reporting year or as a change to last year’s reporting.

The report of exported quantities is a right, not an obligation that the producer has.

The reported quantity must be accompanied with required documentation.

Last edited: 05/11/2018

Further information:


Documentation must be presented when reporting the re-exported quantity.
For documentation the exporter fills in the template linked below. The form must be uploaded in connection with the producer’s annual reporting and no later than 31 March.

Reported quantities without documentation or forms uploaded after the reporting deadline will not be considered for refunding.

Template for statement on re-export

Read the notice on reporting and documentation of re-export

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