Sharing key to report municipal collection

Due to the legislation about producer responsibility registration and reporting of EE-Equipment must be categorised in 10 product categories whereas the waste from EE-Equipment from mulicipal collection sites is collected and sorted in 6 waste fractions.

Therefore, in connection with annual reporting of collected and treated quantities it has been necessary to set up a sharing key in view of distributing WEEE on the 10 categories. To avoid differences in reporting methods DPA-System publishes the sharing key once a year.

The sharing key is based on representative sorting trials focusing, among others, on demography, geography and seasonal fluctuations. DPA-System is in charge of these sorting analysis and subsequently calculates and publishes the key on this site. 

WEEE from municipal collection sites

Fraction (Municipal collection sites) Percent of fraction to category
1.Large appliances witout cool 100% to cat. 1
2.Cooling Equipment 100% to cat. 1

3.Small electronics*

11% to cat. 1
23% to cat. 2
34% to cat. 3
20% to cat. 4a
4% to cat. 5a
6% to cat. 6
1% to cat. 7
1% to cat. 9
4.Screens and monitors* 17% to cat. 3
83% to cat. 4a
5.Light Sources 100% to cat. 5b
6.Photovoltaic panels (PV-panels) 100% to cat. 4b
*) New sharing key for reporting of 2016-data, please note that equipment belonging to cat.8 and cat.10 was represented with less than 1 percent in municipal collection which equals zero(0)
Last edited: 30/12/2016

Further information:

New sharing key
A new sharing key has been established through sorting analysis. The sharing key must be used for reporting of collected WEEE from municipalities in 2016.

Sharing key for reporting of collected, municipal WEEE from fractions to categories.

Annual report - Reporting of quantities

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