Cease, changes, mergers

Producers and importers ceasing business or ceasing sale of products under the duty to register must be deleted from the DPA-System register. Also, DPA-System must be notified if a registered company merges. Any change of authorised representatives, collective schemes  or changes in category affiliation must be registered electronically through a login on the DPA-System website.

Often, the collective schemes assume any contact with DPA-System on behalf of their customers – deletion from the register, however, always requires a written request to DPA-System from the producer. It is not possible to delete registration retrospectively.

When a company is deleted from the register it is no longer legal for this company to place electrical and electronic products on the Danish market.

Change in collective scheme affiliation

Producers and importers can shift between schemes: from one collective scheme to another and from individual schemes to collective schemes or vice versa. In cases where a producer or an importer discontinues membership of a scheme and/or enters another scheme this producer/importer must notify DPA-System in writing.

For producers and importers selling equipment to private users a shift between different schemes has different implications for allocation of WEEE depending on the time of year of the shift. Therefore it is important that the registration is always correct.

Change of authorised representative

Businesses in other EU countries not established in Denmark and therefore having an authorised representative in Denmark to assume their producer responsibility may change representatives whenever they please - also in the reporting period.


If a company ceases due to a merger different rules apply to new registration and updating in the producer register of DPA-System. The rules depend on the CVR number that the producer chooses to use when the merging company registers with the Danish Business Authority.

Producers or importers must to inform DPA-System in writing when changes in the use of a CVR number occur. If the company chooses to register under a completely new CVR number, DPA-System can assist in ensuring that historical data are maintained in the new registration.

Last edited: 29/05/2019
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