Economy - What are the costs and revenues?

The producer responsibility has certain implications, both in the form of costs and revenues. Overall, these are a one-time fee for registration and an annual administration fee based on quantities placed on the Danish market. In addition, membership of a collective scheme also entails some costs.

Since there is a positive value of the resources recovered in the environmental treatment of most WEEE there may be fine revenues if the take-back duty is organised in a smooth way.

Fees to DPA-System

All registered producers and importers must pay a fee to DPA-System. This fee consists of a one-off registration fee, a fee for administration of reported quantities and calculation of the allocation of WEEE. The fee rates are fixed once a year by the Ministry of the Environment.

Financial guarantee

For sale of equipment to private users the producer responsibility contains a requirement for provision of a financial guarantee. The guarantee is to cover costs for collection and reprocessing of WEEE. There is no requirement for a financial guarantee for sale of equipment to professional end-users.

Refund for re-export

When products are subsequently exported out of Denmark, it is possible - against submission of documentation - to get a refund.

Other costs and revenues

According to the producer responsibility scheme producers and importers must mark their equipment and inform users and reprocessors of equipment about correct management and recycling. In addition, the producer responsibility entails a duty to collect WEEE and secure its environmentally correct reprocessing.

In connection with the environmental treatment of WEEE it is important to note that the materials and substances contained in WEEE have a value. This waste is traded as a commodity on the market for secondary raw materials and may produce a decent revenue.

Fees etc. are explained in more detail on the following pages.

Last edited: 13/09/2019
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