Three individual pieces of legislation

DPA-System’s operation is financed through fees paid by producers and importers. Statutory rules for WEEE, BAT and ELV come in three individual packages, each of which must be self-financing. Fees are calculated separately for the three legislative packages. It appears from the invoice from DPA-System which statutory area the fee relates to.  

Terms of payment 

DPA-System invoices fees with a 14-days deadline for payment.


If an invoice is not paid within the above date of payment, the following steps are taken, each with a 14-days duration:

  1. Reminder regarding non-payment of invoice
  2. Notice regarding deletion from the producer register
  3. Deletion from producer register

If the producer has not paid his fee after the above reminders and notices, the case is handed over to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Non-payment is regarded as non-compliance with the producer responsibility, after which the producer/importer can no longer sell his products legally in Denmark.

If the producer/importer wishes to continue placing products subject to producer responsibility on the Danish market he will have to re-register. This is done by contacting DPA-System who will then re-register the producer/importer. This will trigger a new registration fee as well as payment of the outstanding payment.

Invoicing of fees to DPA-System through collective schemes

Some collective schemes offer collective invoicing, which means that the collective scheme carries an expense on behalf of the producer, making the collective scheme the payment administrator. If the payment by the payment administrator is not timely and correct, DPA-System will submit our request for payment to the producer.

Approach in case of incorrect registration

If you find an incorrect registration or you wish to change already reported quantities, adjustments in last years’ quantities can be made at the time of the next annual reporting (1 January to 31 March).

Subsequent changes due to errors or changes will follow the annual invoicing in the current year. If you wish to change already reported quantities, you should contact DPA-System in the next reporting period since the reporting system must be opened for corrections for each individual company.

If the producer/importer is covered by the requirement for auditor's attestation, the auditor must authenticate the error or the amendment in the next auditor's attestation.

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Mere information:

Cease of producer responsibility

If a producer/importer ceases placing products covered by producer responsibility on the market he must be deleted from the producer register. The producer/importer must inform DPA-System in writing when he is no longer subject to producer responsibility.

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