Financial guarantee

The producer responsibility generally means that the company has a cradle-to-grave responsibility for the products that enter the market. For equipment for household use, this responsibility includes, in addition to a duty to collect, also an obligation to collect electronics and portable batteries from municipal recycling sites.

This means that when a manufacturer or importer markets equipment where the end users are households, the manufacturer's responsibility includes a requirement for an annual financial guarantee for the cost of collecting waste electronics from municipal collection points.

The financial guarantee is used in situations where a producer or an importer ceases to exist or does not assume responsibility for management of the allocated quantities of WEEE.

The guarantee is provided by the producer or the collective scheme as a so-called guarantee on demand in a Danish financial institution or a Danish branch office.

Collective schemes may in certain cases apply for exemption from provision of financial guarantee.

Individual guarantee

For smaller companies that do not participate in a collective scheme and market household equipment, there is a special form of financial guarantee that compensates for the takeback obligation of the quantity of products that the individual producer does not meet himself. The special security is calculated and charged once a year by DPA-System.

How and how much?

See further information in the column to the right and try our calculation tool -on-line calculator. Here you can, based on which and how large a quantity (kg) of products you sell in Denmark, simulate what you can expect to have to pay in connection with the compliance of your producer responsibility.

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