Other costs and revenues

Producers and importers subject to producer responsibility have in addition to costs of fees and financial guarantee certain administrative tasks and associated costs in connection with management of electrical and electronic equipment.

Other costs are associated with:

  • Requirement for marking of equipment

  • Information for users and reprocessors

  • Membership of collective schemes

  • In some cases auditor’s attestation of quantities placed on the market


Increasing prices and scarcity of raw materials and resources have paved the way for profitable development and use of solutions rendering recycling of materials more efficient and substituting extraction of new raw materials. Therefore, profit and market opportunities are fine for businesses entering agreements on delivery of WEEE to the recycling industry in view of recovery of resources.

The market price of recyclable materials contained in end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment has surpassed the costs of waste management a long time ago. Thus, there is a positive value in this type of equipment - also at the end of its useful life.

Last edited: 22/05/2019
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