Refund for re-export

It is possible to apply for a refund for quantities sold to a Danish company that subsequently sells the products outside of Denmark. Refunds can be applied for for the last two years of sale. An application for re-export is made in the reporting process: the quantity is stated and documentation for the re-export must be uploaded. If quantity and documentation is approved by DPA-System, a refund will be paid.

Refunds for re-export are made by setting off an amount calculated as the re-exported quantity multiplied by the fee rate for the year in question. It is not possible to have a higher refund than what has been placed on the market in the year in question.

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Further information:

Definition of re-export:

Re-export means a quantity of equipment sold on the Danish market that is exported out of Denmark by a subsequent level in the sales chain.

Read the memo on reporting and documentation of re-export

Template "Statement concerning re-export 2018"

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