Collective schemes

A collective scheme is a private, commercial business offering against payment to the individual producers the service of assuming some of the administrative and practical tasks associated with the producer responsibility. However, the overall responsibility stays with the producer.

The collective schemes are businesses operating on a competitive market. The schemes are organised in different ways and have different focus on types of businesses (customers) and types of EEE.

A collective scheme can assume the major part of the practical tasks under the producer responsibility on behalf of the producers.

  • Registration of producer/importer in the DPA-System producer register.

  • Collection of allocated quantities of household WEEE from municipal collection sites.

  • Provision of take-back logistics for end-users of business WEEE on behalf of the producer.

  • Securing an approved environmental treatment and sale of the resources contained in the WEEE.

  • Reporting to DPA-System of annual quantities of WEEE placed on the market, taken back, and treated on behalf of the producer.

  • Provision of financial guarantee for future costs of transport and management of WEEE and securing revenues from recovery of the end-of-life equipment.

    Establishment of new collective scheme

    In principle, anybody can establish a collective scheme. In addition to the requirements of the Statutory Order for collective schemes, a collective scheme must be registered with DPA-System with their name, CVR/VAT number, contact information and a website.

Last edited: 21/05/2019
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