Individual schemes

A producer or an importer may choose to assume the tasks under the producer responsibility himself - this is called individual compliers.

Under the producer responsibility scheme for equipment for professional use the producer will often benefit from solving tasks under the producer responsibility individually. The company can thus assume management (including transfer of responsibility) of WEEE according to current rules.

Individual compliance primarily entails the following duties for the company:

  • Direct registration with DPA-System.

  • Annual reporting of quantities directly to DPA-System.

  • Reception of WEEE and environmental treatment if the end-user so wishes.

Note that individual compliers themselves must enter agreements with treatment facilities if WEEE is returned to the company.

Both collective scheme and individual complier

A producer may choose to cooperate with a collective scheme and still be an individual complier depending on the kind of end-user his equipment is intended for (households and businesses, respectively).

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Further information:

The vast majority of producers/importers that are individual compliers deal in equipment for professional use.

'Quantities subject to transfer of responsibility' means that a producer whose end-users are businesses may transfer the responsibility for WEEE management to his customers.

Individual compliers' collection of WEEE

Criteria for shift between producer schemes

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