Registration of authorised representative

Businesses that in certain situations must use or choose to use an authorised representative (AR) to assume their producer responsibility in Denmark must designate this AR digitally through the producer responsibility register on

In practice, the European company designates an authorised representative in Denmark through a module in the DPA-System producer register. The mutual affiliation and responsibilities are formally and technically established when the authorised representative confirms that he assumes the producer responsibility for the European company in Denmark. The official registration is then established with the authorised representative’s Danish CVR (VAT) number.

An authorised representative:

  • MUST be used by producers in the EU dealing in distance selling directly to end users in Denmark
  • MAY be used by producers in the EU not holding a Danish CVR (VAT) number. 
Last edited: 14/07/2020

Further information:

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Note! The technical IT solution for designation of an AR is established. The European company can by an e-mail module designate a chosen AR in Denmark. The designation is established when the AR has confirmed the designation and when the registration is approved by DPA-system.

See outline of flow:

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