• Motor vehicles covered by the Road Traffic Act and boats, airplanes and trains are exempt from the WEEE Order, as they are subject to another producer responsibility scheme.

Electrical and electronic accessories purchased and installed in motor-driven vehicles, boats, airplanes and trains such as GPS units, external CD player, navigation equipment, echosounders and screen, refrigeration equipment, radio and sound equipment, however, are not exempt, as such equipment is not an integral part of the vehicle.

Note! WEEE removed from motor vehicles etc. is managed according to the general rules on management of WEEE.

  • Batteries and accumulators

Batteries and accumulators are exempt from the WEEE Order, as they are covered by producer responsibility as defined in the Battery Order.

Batteries and accumulators are however not exempt from the WEEE Order’s rules on management of end-of-life products in the event that they are incorporated in waste electrical and electronic equipment or products.

  • Military purposes or protection of national security

Equipment manufactured specifically for military purposes and associated with either protection of national security, arms, munitions, or war material are subject to an exemption. Examples of exempt equipment are also monitoring equipment manufactured specifically for the Danish Defense Intelligence Service or the Danish Security and Intelligence Service in the form of equipment with integrated monitoring equipment, where these Services do not want the public to have access to the design of the equipment.

Equipment, however, that is available to the public is not covered by this exemption criterion, since it is not intended specifically for military purposes. An example of such equipment may be a radar used in both civil airports and military facilities. Camouflage-colouring of the equipment does not motivate an exemption in itself.

  • Large-scale stationary industrial tools

Large-scale stationary industrial tools are the following: Machines and systems that are not planned to be sold as one independent unit or commercial units. Machines or systems consisting of a combination of equipment, systems, finished products and/or components that each is designed exclusively for industrial use, is permanently assembled by a professional assembler at a given place, in industrial machinery or an industrial building to perform a specific task. Examples of this are platforms, baggage handling systems in airports, lifts.

  • Infected and implanted medical devices

Medical devices may be covered by the exemption criterion "Implanted and infected products". Infected equipment is electrical or electronic equipment manufactured for ending its useful life as health-care risk waste and as such being hazardous waste under the Statutory Order on Waste. This may be, for example, a pacemaker or electrodes and probes for single-use purposes.

  • Certain specific means of transportation, under certain conditions (see documents on right-hand side)
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